options for your event

Ministry Elements

Mix and Match Options according to your needs!
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Option #1
Teaching Message

Felecia McAbee brings a specially prepared message; discussed and chosen just for your event.

Equipment requested:
Microphone/Speaker system 
Screen or TV available - not required

Option #2
Music Worship

Donna White-Frampton provides worship before and closing of the message.  If there are special songs you would like to have for your event, she is happy to prepare to bring those for you.  Advance notice is required.  Otherwise, the theme of the event and the message is the basis of the music worship focus.

Equipment provided:
Electric keyboard with band elements
Electronic powerpoint lyrics (event should provide screen or TV)
Power and extension cords (power required)

Option #3
Seder Communion
We bring the Seder Communion elements and present a 30-min communion service at the end of the event.  

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