Felecia McAbee

Sold out for Jesus!
Rebuilt from the ashes of shame to joyful living for Christ

Felecia speaks to anyone with an open heart about living and transforming authentic lives in Christ. But has a special heart for the women of the church. Many are living behind the ‘church smile’ trying to be the ‘great’ Christian, Wife, Mom, Daughter, Friend, Teacher, Servant, etc. All the while wondering why she doesn’t matter just the way she is, why she needs to fit like others, crying in her spirit of not-enough, I need the right clothes, the right body size (what is that anyway?), hairstyle, place setting, children to be presentable according to others, be liked by others, accepted, etc. It is exhausting, defeating and not of God. She says, “You do not lose yourself; you find yourself when you discover just how much you matter to the God of all, and the great news is we do not have to be good enough because Jesus is”.

Felecia says she used to want her life ‘cleaned up’. Today she is grateful the old went up in flames. Most say God is the restorer and He does restore what is worthy in His plan, but Felecia says her life is so new that there is little left of the old, it is gone.

2 Cor 5:17 – Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Felecia currently resides in Cottonwood, California. She is married to Clark, the 'Hubs'. Between them, they have four daughters and a little dog named Mac. 


Felecia McAbee

Speaker, Teacher, Writer, Bible Study Teacher

Lover of the Word!

There is beauty in being fully known.