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Felecia McAbee

Ministry Leader

Felecia McAbee - Speaker, Bible Study Teacher, Blogger, Women's Ministry leader.
Felecia speaks on a variety of topics through the thread of the freedom of Grace. Sharing stories through scripture of the real encountering, active, transforming love of God in the midst of messy, difficult, sorrow, joy-filled and redeemed real lives.  /felecia-mcabee

Tonia Munro

Ministry Administration

Tonia Munro is Administrative Extrodinaire.  She spent 20 Years leading Women's Ministry while working at the County Courts. 

She is responsible for booking speaking engagements, event logistics, bookkeeping and overall go-to for all booking and event details. /bookings

Friend of Girls in Grace

Music Worship

Donna White-Frampton is a  talented 'musicianary' who has been serving in various music ministries for more than 25 years.

If you are waiting for the spirit to lift you, move you to joy, witness to your deepest place or all of the above, you won't want to miss an event with Donna.

Donna partners up with Girls in
Grace for many events.  She is available for booking separately. We will be glad to connect you!